Pray Coffee Repeat

Another women’s coffee chat complete!

We’ve had a tradition in our church to host women’s coffee chats on Saturday mornings, typically monthly. Any women can come, and we have had times when we’ve hosted a speaker and workshop. Other times, we’ve had only a few of us attend and maybe even forgot to get coffee creamer, lol.

Like our lives, these gatherings have had their own seasons of highs and lows, laughs and tears and, of course, prayer and coffee. I treasure these ladies and the honor to be trusted in sharing their joys and struggles. We have a joke that whatever happens at coffee chat, stays at coffee chat! It is a safe place to share and listen. My hope too, is that we all learn from each other in discussing the monthly topics, and grow our relationships with Christ and each other.

Technology, albeit limited at our church, has opened up opportunities for us to connect in ways we hadn’t pre-pandemic. While we still haven’t fully gotten into our “new normal” routine, we have embraced the hybrid in person/online experience for the chats. We even found it surprisingly convenient to go 100% online last month when it was going to be frigid cold and icy ❄️

If you have found yourself more isolated since the pandemic or winter blues and less likely to attend a chat like this, I encourage you to pray about it, Sometimes, we just need to pray we have the follow through to “show up” even if we don’t necessarily feel like we have anything to contribute or haven’t been in the Word. I wasn’t sure what to expect today and was candid that I wasn’t going to have time to prep any food, but it didn’t matter in the end. I was encouraged by our time today as always. It gets me thinking maybe they’d like to plan a “Spring Fling” theme chat event soon…grab your ☕️ 🌸

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