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Grow with me!

I never considered myself a gardener, but more a garden enthusiast. Isn’t it great that if you really enjoy something but aren’t the most proficient, adding the word ‘enthusiast’ validates it nicely?

In retrospect, I have always been curious and interested in flowers and gardens. I have an early memory of watching a show on tv, where the host gathered flowers, twigs and leaves, and household craft items, like twine and glue, all into a cardboard tray. She then made some amazing, who-can-remember- now project. I loved that and tried to gather things from my own yard so I could be like her. My Dad wasn’t so thrilled when he found me sitting on the steps with no idea what to do with a bunch of his nice rhododendron blooms and other random yard ‘treasures’ in a box wilting and destined for the trash. Sometimes we have the passion, but not the plan.

I really only developed my love of gardening as an adult, especially when we had our first little yard as newlyweds. I didn’t really delve further into it until our children were more independent and time allowed for me to pursue that interest. Each year, I have learned and enjoyed more by reading, watching videos, visiting gardens and talking with fellow garden enthusiasts. Joining a local community garden was lots of sweaty work, but fun! I had an amazing opportunity to be part of a resident leadership institute, and our project was to help our urban neighborhood have better access to growing herbs and veggies (you know I made sure to throw a few flowers in there too)

What I didn’t expect was so many times God has met me in those garden moments and helped me grow spiritually. I now try to notice and study simplicities in nature, and God’s design for it all. I rarely do so without my phone handy, not to share out some social media post, but to contemplate what i see and interpret teh photo. I had no idea there was such thing as contemplative photography, but there is. For the most part, I draw closer to nature, and closer to God when I get out there and appreciate beauty. I hope you join me as I learn and share more of my garden tips for all types of fun, including my more recent love of seed starting via winter sowing, indoor hydroponic gardening and pressing flowers for special projects. Let’s also explore what Jesus says in his Word and take time to listen for his guidance in those quiet garden moments,