Well hello there…

It’s been a time since I have posted here. Have you ever gone through a season (s) with lots of changes? When so many things happen in a such a short time, it’s hard to keep up let alone capture it in writing. Life events can often be complicated or positive, and more likely a mix of both. I’d say that’s where I’ve been, in the mix of it all personally and professionally.

The great news, God was with me in it all as well as supportive people. While I never really gave up on this blog, I just didn’t know where to start. The answer: just start.

So, even though it is the beginning of October and I haven’t checked in here since February, we can always just start again where we are. Over the next months, I hope to catch this blog up with some amazing photos of the “positives’ (think cruise and family time) and share some insights the Lord helped me with during hard times (think unexpected surgery). Until next time,

Mother’s Day/Birthday gift ❤️

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